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Data Center Efficiency Seminar


Understanding the New Efficiency Metrics

PUE - Power Usage Effectiveness

DCiE - Data Center Efficiency

How to Measure, Calculate and Improve your PUE & DCiE

Power and cooling requirements have risen at an ever-increasing rate.

The recent trend toward virtualization has pushed the requirements to new levels never even imagined just 5 years ago. The average power has risen from 1-2 KW to 5-10KW per rack and some cases as high as 20-30KW per rack.

The current environment makes energy efficiency a necessity.

Greening Initiatives, Power Consumption & Provisioning, as well as Capacity Planning are among the top major concerns for Data Center managers today.  Various studies show that in the past few years, as the pressure to expand computing resources increases, concerns relating to power and cooling become more and more important.

While virtualization has decreased the number of servers and the space requirements, it has raised power and cooling density to the point that data centers that were built only a few years ago are unable to effectively or efficiently support the new high-density 1U and Blade Servers.

This workshop will address these challenges, as well as how to measure and improve Data Center efficiency.


Factors that Affect your Data Center's Energy Efficiency
· Voltage vs Efficiency: Server Power Supplies, UPS and Power Distribution

· Effects of Power Redundancy on Efficiency: N, N+1, 2N
· Airflow Issues for Improving Data Center Efficiency
· Cooling Technologies: DX, Fluid Loop, Chilled Water & “Free Cooling”
· High Density Blade Server Cooling Requirements
· Watts per Square Foot vs Watts per Rack
· Close Coupled vs Perimeter Cooling Efficiency
· Best Practices vs Reality
· Q & A - Group Discussion

These seminars are an introduction to the  4 CEU credit workshops that are scheduled for February and March 2009


The seminars begin at 6 PM 
and for your convenience
Registration will be begin at
5 PM with refreshments and networking with your peers .

We believe that you and your IT colleagues will find the information timely and useful, given the rising cost of energy, and the ever increasing power and cooling requirement of today's computer systems.  This seminar will provide practical energy saving tips to improve your Energy Efficiency, which could result in thousands of dollars in annual savings.

To register please email your complete contact information to or call 800-392-3299.   If you have any questions about the seminar, please feel free to contact us directly.


Seminars will be held

in New York City and  Westchester, NY


January 29, 2009

Westchester, NY


February 5, 2009

New York City


Polytechnic Institute of NYU


For more information and to reserve your place at this seminar please email your contact information to

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Polytechnic Institute of NYU