North American Access Technologies, Inc.

APC Test Drive Day

September 21, 2006

APC Education

We cordially invite you to a seminar on High-Performance Data Center Architecture

NAAT     andAPC

Join us to learn more about the difference between a "Server Room" and a High-Performance Data Center …

Two Seminars will be held on Thursday the 21st of September, 2006

Crown Plaza Hotel
66 Hale Ave
White Plains NY 10601

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Seminar Details:

North American Access Technologies, Inc. “NAAT” has been designing Data Centers and Voice/Data Networks for commercial and government clients since 1987.

This seminar will cover a variety of related topics discussing the benefits, estimated costs and challenges to designing and building a high performance data center for your organization.

Topics will include: The Challenges, The Solutions:

  • Medium & High Density Rack Loads
  • Power And Cooling Requirements
  • Flexibility and Scalability for Expansion and Growth
  • Facilities Space Requirements
  • Fault Tolerance & Redundancy Schemes
  • Performance Expectations
  • Cost Estimates

Now with APC’s Data Centers On Demand program, North American Access Technologies, Inc. “NAAT” can design and install a high-performance data center site for virtually any size organization. Now virtually any size virtually any space can become a high-performance "Data Center" - at a fraction of the cost of traditional server room.

If your organization has been overwhelmed by the costs and complexity of true High-Performance Data Center, let NAAT show you how cost effective the APC solution can be, and how quickly we can design and deliver a complete solution from 5-100 racks, using 200-20,000 square ft, with computer grade cooling and back-up generators.