North American Access Technologies, Inc.


The FaxXchange is a high capacity facsimile network exchange. It acts as a switchboard for your company's fax traffic. Utilizing patented technology, it offers unique features not found in other facsimile systems. Depending on configuration and options, it can operate as a stand alone system, or as a worldwide integrated facsimile messaging system.

Broadcast Fax
As a broadcast tool, the FaxXchange is extremely effective at increasing productivity while decreasing costs. Multiple ports can be assigned to handle broadcasting so that up to 10,000 pages per day can be sent. Different departments can maintain their own broadcast lists, in addition to company distribution lists. Even individuals can keep their own lists of customers stored, allowing them to better service their accounts.

Fax to Email – Email to Fax
With the mailbox feature, numbers are set up to accept messages that are stored digitally. This is ideal for those who desire to get their facsimile messages confidentially - at their desks, at home, or when traveling.

Proven Reliability
FaxXchange has a proven record of reliability and is in use throughout the world by major corporations, telephone companies, and governments. FaxXchange is extremely rugged, units have been running 24 hours a day for over 10 years in many customer sites, with virtually no downtime. Even nuclear facilities depend on FaxXchange for emergency notification.

Available in various configurations, models are available for small to mid-size firms, as well as Fortune 500's and government agencies. Multiple FaxXchange systems can be banked together to provide extra capacity. Depending on the model and configuration, 100's or 1000's of faxes per hour can be serviced. The FaxXchange system can be configured to meet your specific application.

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