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Data Center Training and Professional Development

To meet the expanding data center industry demand for skilled mission critical professionals North American Access Technologies (NAAT) is authorized to provide

US Department of Energy Data Center Energy Practitioner (DCEP) training.

The Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) requires Federal agencies to develop and report on data center strategies to transition to a more efficient infrastructure. The Modernizing Government Technology Act also supports DCOI and DCEP Training.

Unlike other Data Center training offerings, the DCEP certificate is the only one issued under the US Department of Energy and the Federal Energy Management Program, in conjunction with a training program developed by Lawrence Berkley National Labs (LBNL).


We are now accepting registrations for

2021 DCEP Classes on the East Coast are now Virtual

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, we are continuously evaluating whether classroom based training will be planned for summer and fall 2021 or continued as Virtual On-Line Classes.

DCEP Generalist: June 1, 2021
1 day course providing a high-level view of different IT and support systems in data centers.
Cost $1,175.00 (includes exam)

DCEP Specialist: June 2-3, 2021
2 day course which is an in-depth review of HVAC/mechanical systems in data centers.

Cost $2,175.00 (includes exam)

DCEP Generalist + Specialist 3 day Package: June 1-3, 2021
Cost $2,900.00 (includes exams)


NEW! IT Specialist Certification Training - Date: June 4, 2021

This new 1 day IT Specialist course is an in-depth review of IT system which is explicitly designed for both IT and infrastructure professionals.
IT Specialist: June 4, 2021 Cost $1,300.00 (includes exam)

Note to become an IT Specialist you must already be a DCEP Generalist
(or also take the Generalist course).

The 2-day DCEP Generalist + IT Specialist package: June 1 and June 4, 2021
Cost $2,100.00 (includes exams)

For more information or to register please email:
or call 914-747-9703


More class schedules in the New York & Washington, DC area, as well as other cities will be posted shortly.

Group rates and on-site classes are available upon request

For more information or to register please email:

or call 914-747-9703

Watch this overview of the DCEP Training Program

We can also provide customized instructor led on-site training, as well as remote classroom and web based training. Please contact us to discuss your data center training requirements