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Data Center Energy Efficiency Analysis

Power and cooling requirements have risen at an ever-increasing rate, especially in the last several years. The recent trend toward virtualization has pushed the requirements to new levels never even imagined just 5 years ago.

While virtualization has decreased the number of servers and the space requirements, it has pushed power and cooling requirements to the point that data centers that were built only a few years ago are unable to support the new high-density 1U and Blade Servers.

The average power per rack has risen dramatically since in the new millennium. From 1-3 KW per rack, to 5,10,20 and, in some cases, to over 30KW per rack.

While many data centers may have enough total power and cooling overall, they cannot properly support these new high-density systems. These can cause tremendous inefficiencies when using older power and cooling systems not specially designed to handle these high densities.

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With energy costs soaring, many data centers now spend more for energy in 3 years to power and cool the equipment - than the cost of the equipment.

Please contact us to discuss how we can optimize and improve the efficiency of your data center or server room. Not only will you be able to accomplish the mission you will also be saving money in energy costs.

NAAT now offers our Data Center Energy Efficiency Analysis Consulting Service.

In some cases simple low-cost changes can result in substantial energy cost savings. NAAT’s Energy Efficiency Site Survey reports provide specific recommendations: identifying the areas where improvements can be cost-effectively achieved and quantify the estimated annual cost savings.

With over 20 years of experience, NAAT will work with your IT and Faculties staff, as well as architects, construction contactors to design and deliver a cost-effective, flexible solution that will grow with your organization's ever changing IT environment.

Please contact NAAT's Network Services team to discuss your Organization's requirements.

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