North American Access Technologies, Inc.

Compact Cooling Solutions

Compact, Portable, Ceiling Mount, Spot & Temporary Cooling - for Servers Rooms and Communications Closets

Maintaining the environment is a basic critical requirement for virtually all systems. NAAT can help you evaluate your requirements and design and supply the appropriate cooling system for your application. NAAT is an authorized partner of virtually all major vendors of Cooling systems.

When you need a compact, portable or temporary cooling solution NAAT can offer you a variety of choices.

5KW InRow
5 KW In-Row
Self-Contained -
Vents to Ceiling
Coolcube Hangit
Up to 3KW
Ceiling Mounted
or External Ducting
Ceiling Mounted
Clearly Labeled
Cool Cube Moveit
Up to 3KW
Roll-in for
Temporary or
Spot Cooling
Cool Cube Stackit
Up to 6KW
(3KW Each)
Roll & Stacks.
Each Unit requires
120v/15A outlet

Up to 1.6KW
Rolls in.
Can be used for
Temporary or
Spot Cooling

Up to 4KW
Rolls In.
Can be Used for
Temporary or Spot Cooling.
Ducts into Ceiling

Up to 3KW
Fit in 19"

With over 19 years of experience, NAAT will work with your IT and Faculties staff, as well as architects, construction contactors to design and deliver a cast-effective, flexible site that will grow with your organization's ever changing IT environment.

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Please contact NAAT's Network Services team to discuss your Organization's requirements.