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Data Center Design

A Data Center is the end product of many steps in the design and testing of equipment, facilities, procedures and personnel. NAAT can help you evaluate your requirements and design and project manage a technology refresh, server consolidation or a complete new site. Moreover, by working with all major equipment vendors we can provide the most cost-effective, best of breed solutions. With over 19 years of experience, NAAT can bring in your project on time and within budget.

Network Design Process

We can design a data center from 200 to 20,000 sq ft and for all levels of systems redundancy for Power, Cooling and Communications:

  • N = Single System – No redundancy

  • N+1 = Single System – but with failover components / capacity

  • 2N = 2 Fully Independent Systems – 100% redundancy

  • 2(N+1) = 2 Fully Independent Systems – 100% redundancy - (each system N+1)

Sample Designs

  • Small Low-Density

  • Medium Mixed Density

And for extremely tight timelines and extra flexibility see the Data Centers On-Demand Video:

56K Stream  |  512K Stream

With over 20 years of experience, NAAT will work with your IT and Faculties staff, as well as architects, construction contactors to design and deliver a cast-effective, flexible site that will grow with your organization's ever changing IT environment.

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