North American Access Technologies, Inc.

Disaster Recovery Planning

In order to develop a plan to address a potential disaster, the type of disaster and expected level of computer network systems availability must be formalized. NAAT can quantify the potential disaster scenarios and what systems and procedures can be implemented in response to them. While NAAT does not make any final decisions, our recommendations help the organizations senior management team set the expected standards for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.

Types of Disaster Scenarios

Natural – Hurricane, Tornado, Flood, and Fire

Human – Operator error, sabotage, implant of malicious code or terrorist attacks.

Environmental – Equipment failure, software error, telecommunications network outage, and electric power failure.

Localized – Only affects one network location.

Area Wide
– Major catastrophe which affects all network locations.

Short Term – Temporary Power Failure, T-1 Failure, etc., — several hours to 1-2 days.

Long Term – Area is damaged or uninhabitable for weeks or months.

Permanent – Area is devastated, all computer equipment is destroyed.

Once the DR Plan goals for potential Scenarios are defined based on the various options, a DR strategy can be implemented and an operational DR test plan can be put into place.

Contact NAAT to see how our Network Services Team can help your organization design and implement systems and strategies to deal with the potential of Disaster.