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Satellite Networks

Satellite Communications

Once extremely difficult and expensive to operate, Satellite technology is now practical for many organizations, either Governmental or Commercial. Using VSAT technology, dishes as small as only 1 meter can provide 2-way data connectivity. NAAT can design and install Satellite-based Networks for remote offices, which are cost competitive with traditional leased lines. Depending on the application, Satellite Links can form the basis for a secure, encrypted Virtual Private Network.

By designing non-terrestrial based communications links as back-up to your organizations wide area network, NAAT can craft a Disaster Recovery plan that allow your vital communications to function, even when conventional land-based systems fail. Satellite based communications can act as back-up link to branch locations or to our Mobile Emergency Datacenter.

Mobile Emergency Communications Center – MECC

Essentially a smaller version of the Mobile Emergency Datacenter, this van sized vehicle becomes the hub for communications during a crisis. It is equipped with a generator and a variety of communications equipment. It can create a secure, encrypted, wireless, Command-and-Control communications zone, up to several miles in diameter.

SAT in the Box

Designed for Emergency Communications, this self-contained unit can operate from either 110/220V-AC or 12V-DC power. It will automatically lock-on to the Satellite utilizing self-aligning, auto-tracking servomotors, controlled by a GPS fed computer. It can be delivered on-site overnight via airfreight. SAT in the Box can be set-up and operational in 60 minutes. It can support 5-10 wireless laptops with Internet Access, Email and VPN connectivity to your main site.

Contact NAAT to see how Satellite-based communications backup can ensure your organizations continued operation in a crisis.